Sexual Desires part 2

Good morning everyone… I’ve been so busy with my college classes that I haven’t been able to complete Sexual Desires part 2 yet.. The good news is that I have started writing and I’m currently on chapter 3. I hope everyone enjoy part 2. I admit its very interesting and I have an amazing plot that will leave everyone speechless.

Main Points in One Night with the Boss….

Okay, normally I give a short summary and elaborate on the different erotic ebooks that I have published. One Night with the Boss is no different. 

Kayla and Marcus is the main characters. Kayla is the employee and Marcus is her boss. Kayla has an attraction to her boss that is so strong she can’t even focus on her work. Kayla isn’t like the other women who work’s with her. She doesn’t fit in and she have been working at Houston’s Law Firm for about 2 months.  But soon Kayla will realize that she will have to take action if she wants to make Marcus hers.